November Dread

November, November, what to do in November?

Let’s face it there really is nothing exciting about November for a creep.

October is the month of freight and gearing up for Halloween/All Hallows Eve/Samhain. Myself and many others enjoy not only the festivities of the 31st, but also the delight in the leaves becoming crisp red and orange, pumpkin flavored everything, warm cider and coffee going down the throat, and the joy of being able to wear multiple layers of black and leather.

Yet, when the great harvest celebration comes to a close one is left with a sense of sorrow, the dread of now having to save up money, and most likely a hangover.  November is, of course, still beautiful but to most it paves way for the ugly truth: Old Man Winter is coming. It is now time to pack up or donate those summer clothes and febreeze the wool coat. We realize that we are trying our hardest here in Minnesota to keep on walking out the door in just a sweater and for a lot of people, flip flops. We don’t want to think about how cold our hands are, how chapped our lips are becoming, how raw our throats are from the electric heater, and how almost all of our men look like excited lumberjacks heading to the camp to sit in the freezing cold (and the deer meat we will be eating for the rest of the winter).

November is now known as the month of engorging our bodies with turkey, potatoes, and more potatoes. November is preparing our ears for the obligated onslaught of familial chit-chat, wishing we were still tucked in bed watching our favorite television shows, and now, plastic sealing our windows in time for the great blizzard about to rip us a new one.

Does anyone agree or have I left you all trembling, wishing you would have turned on the latest episode of Grimm instead?


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