I’ve been thinking about the dead


As the title says, I have recently been thinking about the dead. Specifically, after-death photos.

I came across a dead bird here at school last week and now it has vanished from its spot on the pavement behind one of the student dorms.

Now while prompted with this idea, I wish I could have captured a photo to accommodate this here post. It may have been a little strange to have a picture of a random dead bird yet this blog is all about the strange things one stumbles upon in life.

I thought as a way of revitalizing the dead, you, my fellow creeps, and myself could post pictures of our dearly departed friends, family, and animals. They don’t have to be dead, but a picture of them before they departed from us will suffice.

In the old days, after-death photos were common. The family would pose with their departed.. or take photos of just them. This was a form of remembering them and keeping them with them. Nowadays this would be weird to have in your home but, it is very common to find pictures about one’s home of a deceased relative that reminds us of why we loved them and of a time that was happy. I can think of times that my family and I, when gathered around the table having a few beverages, would recall memories with our beloved grandma Ethel. She was a very wise and kind woman who never let you down until she was overcome with Alzheimer’s and often forgot who you were. But even when that happened, she was still the sweetest old lady with Chanel tennis shoes.

On another note, it has come to me by scrolling through social media and watching television that it is a recent fad to take a selfie with your dead relative… at their funeral… overlooking their displayed corpse. Is it just me or is that more morbid than posing for a family photo with your dead father?

Children pose for the camera.


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