Let us talk about the weather

St.Cloud had taken on a dreary atmosphere as I was attending school for the day! It was a nice change from the horrible humidity and heat over the past few days. The dark of the clouds and pavement got me to wondering about the creepy and strange things that seem to happen during storms.

image, rain, gloomy

Dreary St. Cloud

There are a lot of people out there with a fear of storms and the negative things that seem to happen. Why is that? Is it a natural effect we take on when faced with the idea of a blackout, with darkness? I would like to know your side with a comment or maybe a creepy storm scene via video.

Even horror movies like to play on the “storm effect”. We have witnessed victims trapped inside during a storm and suddenly there is a creep in the house or a crazed maniac wanted on the news. During scenes of trepidation or when the situation gets spooky, there is a crack of thunder and lightening strikes. Oh no the lights just went out!

Luckily, or unluckily for some not in St. Cloud, there were no power outages. You are safe for now!


4 responses to “Let us talk about the weather

  1. I remember about a year ago that there were power outages all across st. cloud that lasted up to a week. the storm that preceded it had winds up to 30mph and i know a lot of peoples’ houses and apartments flooded. weather is pretty unpredictable and you hear a lot of stories about worst case scenerios. maybe that’s why people are so nervous about them (or adore them).


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